Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zbrush Superhero Assignment : Psylocke Xmen

Our first Zbrush assignment we were given was to create a Superhero character for Anatomy studies etc , and the theme really gave everyone a nice variety to work with seeing as there is soooo many different superhero's and villains out there from the neverending amount of Comics available the choices are endless ,

I decided to choose Psylocke from the Xmen as my character as i've always found her dangerously sexy =) ! and she would be my first attempt at moddeling Female anatomy which i knew from the get go it would be a tedious task , Main issue ??..... Making her Appealing , Then worry about Topology =) hahaha , naa but yeah When moddeling male Characters u really arent bothered with how attractive the character looks and u tend to focus more on the muscle structure more and overall physique of the character .

Not so much with female characters... Everything ! comes into account Looks , Physique , Bone Structure , Curves...Curves and more Curves , and of course Looks , there is always that womanly essence that embodies every chest proportion , hips and right down to the feet , and just getting everything to a point where u look at her and have that knowledge of her being a CG character but having the essence of a real woman , and want her to look as natural as u can possibly make her .

Keeping yourself from going overboard on the "Superherione" side of things *chuckle* and being a guy myself u definitly have a keen eye for all the details of a woman =) its quite a task i must say haha!

But Aside from that the project was created and sculpted in 2 weeks from the Base Cage in Maya right thru to Zbrush. And was really a major learning curve figuring out all the Tools Zbrush has to Offer and how to work with alphas for details etc. Zbrush really is a new BFG in my Creative arsenal !

Psylocke Character Turnaround

Psylocke Zbrush Sculpt from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Psylocke Character Stills & Wire frames






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