Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Turtle King Final Year Project 2009

The Turtle King Project CG Reel 2009

Hey everyone , I have finally completed The Turtle King Project for 2009 and the experience has been an awesome one of note , Hope you all enjoy the video i put together

The Turtle King Project Reel 2009 from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Hey guys well here is some WIP stills from my Final Year Project at Lifeway 3D Animation College for 2009 , Im Making a Character called The Turtle King , Which im going to be incoporating into a live plate and make him blend in as if he was really there =)

The plot for the Character was to have an Old Turtle King who frequently visit's his private retreat , where he just listens to the waterfall and reflects on his younger days being out on the battlefield of the Turtonians

The Live plate i shot was at the Whangarei Falls in New Zealand wich is just 15 mins awat from my house , I knew the location had  awesome scenery and i figured it would well suit this character with all the surroundings being water / moss water grass and it would have an overall good contrast, a well suiting environment for a turtle/tortoise =D

Ive just finished up with the Sculpting on this character and im going to be heading on to Texturing in the week , Wich will be followed by Rigging / Painting weights and Set Layout for the Live Plate , going to model proxy geometry for the Projections and so the process will continue but heres a lil head-up on where i am at the moment

Hope you all like =)

Programs im going to be using are :

Autodesk Maya 2008/2009
Pixologic Zbrush
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe After Effects
The Foundry Nuke

Location Shot : Whangarei Falls Northland New Zealand

Video Compilation of Concept , Model , Textures

The Turtle King Project - Comp Vid from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

The Turtle King WIP Images & Concepts

Early Stages of Moddeling




Beginning Of Sculpting in Zbrush

 Increased the length of the neck and pushed the back in some more reducing size of stomach and dropped shoulders back

Turning Point in the Model 

 There was always something that bothered me about the model as i went along and it was he was not lookin at all like a turtle but more that of a dinosaur man . I thought about it for a while and decided to totally change the current look of the character by lookin back at reference , and realising that i had been overlooking the actual structure of the Galapagos Tortoise's neck and head , I then went on to narrowing the neckline , pushing the head size back abit to round it off more and make it more compact and ended up with the awesome result of what my turtle king is lookin like now , He has a much more natural look to him and is more believable as a character resembling that of a Turtle/Tortoise.

The Old

The New


Shell Update

Hey Guys well this is an update on the Shell texturing i did tonite , Found a image of half a turtle scale so i doctor'd it up in Photoshop and created my own Shell Texture , Came out pretty well i think and will be finishing off the texturing tommorow , Speculars and Diffuse


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