Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matte Paintings

 Matte Painting - The Telescope

This was one of my first matte paintings id ever done , the task was getting to know the Pen Tool and cutting out the telescope u see there from an original picture and then recreating it in any setting of your choice. My theme , a Ruined W.O.M.D Telescope left to its demise after the angry scientists plan was snuffed out, trying to take over the world using this precise device =)

Matte Painting - The Haunted Mansion

The Second theme for our Matte Painting assignment was creating a Haunted Mansion. This was quite a fun painting to make as it was the house where the angry scientist used to live , from where he'd constructed the W.O.M.D Telescope now left to fall apart in the swamp's =)  More Pen Tool Training

Matte Painting - The Rebel Base

The Topic was to Create a Rebel Base from photo's we took at the Warkworth Cement Works , we had to devise a plot for the rebels and then sketch out 6 concepts , This matte painting was a great turnout and i was inspired by the art work from Guildwars ,  Lots of Metal , Silo's , Rust and High contrast

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