Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Turtle King Final Year Project 2009

The Turtle King Project CG Reel 2009

Hey everyone , I have finally completed The Turtle King Project for 2009 and the experience has been an awesome one of note , Hope you all enjoy the video i put together

The Turtle King Project Reel 2009 from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Hey guys well here is some WIP stills from my Final Year Project at Lifeway 3D Animation College for 2009 , Im Making a Character called The Turtle King , Which im going to be incoporating into a live plate and make him blend in as if he was really there =)

The plot for the Character was to have an Old Turtle King who frequently visit's his private retreat , where he just listens to the waterfall and reflects on his younger days being out on the battlefield of the Turtonians

The Live plate i shot was at the Whangarei Falls in New Zealand wich is just 15 mins awat from my house , I knew the location had  awesome scenery and i figured it would well suit this character with all the surroundings being water / moss water grass and it would have an overall good contrast, a well suiting environment for a turtle/tortoise =D

Ive just finished up with the Sculpting on this character and im going to be heading on to Texturing in the week , Wich will be followed by Rigging / Painting weights and Set Layout for the Live Plate , going to model proxy geometry for the Projections and so the process will continue but heres a lil head-up on where i am at the moment

Hope you all like =)

Programs im going to be using are :

Autodesk Maya 2008/2009
Pixologic Zbrush
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Adobe After Effects
The Foundry Nuke

Location Shot : Whangarei Falls Northland New Zealand

Video Compilation of Concept , Model , Textures

The Turtle King Project - Comp Vid from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

The Turtle King WIP Images & Concepts

Early Stages of Moddeling




Beginning Of Sculpting in Zbrush

 Increased the length of the neck and pushed the back in some more reducing size of stomach and dropped shoulders back

Turning Point in the Model 

 There was always something that bothered me about the model as i went along and it was he was not lookin at all like a turtle but more that of a dinosaur man . I thought about it for a while and decided to totally change the current look of the character by lookin back at reference , and realising that i had been overlooking the actual structure of the Galapagos Tortoise's neck and head , I then went on to narrowing the neckline , pushing the head size back abit to round it off more and make it more compact and ended up with the awesome result of what my turtle king is lookin like now , He has a much more natural look to him and is more believable as a character resembling that of a Turtle/Tortoise.

The Old

The New


Shell Update

Hey Guys well this is an update on the Shell texturing i did tonite , Found a image of half a turtle scale so i doctor'd it up in Photoshop and created my own Shell Texture , Came out pretty well i think and will be finishing off the texturing tommorow , Speculars and Diffuse


Zbrush Superhero Assignment : Psylocke Xmen

Our first Zbrush assignment we were given was to create a Superhero character for Anatomy studies etc , and the theme really gave everyone a nice variety to work with seeing as there is soooo many different superhero's and villains out there from the neverending amount of Comics available the choices are endless ,

I decided to choose Psylocke from the Xmen as my character as i've always found her dangerously sexy =) ! and she would be my first attempt at moddeling Female anatomy which i knew from the get go it would be a tedious task , Main issue ??..... Making her Appealing , Then worry about Topology =) hahaha , naa but yeah When moddeling male Characters u really arent bothered with how attractive the character looks and u tend to focus more on the muscle structure more and overall physique of the character .

Not so much with female characters... Everything ! comes into account Looks , Physique , Bone Structure , Curves...Curves and more Curves , and of course Looks , there is always that womanly essence that embodies every chest proportion , hips and right down to the feet , and just getting everything to a point where u look at her and have that knowledge of her being a CG character but having the essence of a real woman , and want her to look as natural as u can possibly make her .

Keeping yourself from going overboard on the "Superherione" side of things *chuckle* and being a guy myself u definitly have a keen eye for all the details of a woman =) its quite a task i must say haha!

But Aside from that the project was created and sculpted in 2 weeks from the Base Cage in Maya right thru to Zbrush. And was really a major learning curve figuring out all the Tools Zbrush has to Offer and how to work with alphas for details etc. Zbrush really is a new BFG in my Creative arsenal !

Psylocke Character Turnaround

Psylocke Zbrush Sculpt from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Psylocke Character Stills & Wire frames






The Rock Fish Animation

This assignment was for our end of year project from year one and we were given the task of creating a robotic animal from scratch and make a 30 second short out of it , All concepts , moddeling , texturing , rigging , animating was done by myself and it turned out to be a really fun project to work on.

I have included The Animation below , Some still Renders and Concept work from the Character I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

The Rock Fish Animation

The Rock Fish Video from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Still Renders


Concepts & Orthographics






Anthropomorphic Character --> Mr Frog

Anthropomorphic Character -Mr Frog

Mr Frog Texture Turnaround

Mr Frog - Textured from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

Mr Frog Blendshapes Video

Mr_Frog_Blendshapes from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.




This was for our Anthropomorphic Character Design , we had all the creative freedom of our choice to make anything our minds desired so i chose to make Mr Frog , Created the Character within Maya and is ready for Rigging and Animating , We also given the task of creating blendshapes for the character ive put both the video files here on the Textured Turnaround and of the Blendshape Wireframes enabling you to see how the Mesh Deforms.

Get Smart 2008 Christian Conference

Get Smart Conference 2008 from Christopher McCartney on Vimeo.

GetSmart Christian Conference Project 2008

LifeWay College approached a few of us with the prospect of creating the main title footage for The GetSmart Christian Conference for 2008 held in Auckland , New Zealand . The Team consisted of 6 members and was created from scratch over 5 days , all including Moddeling , Animating of Camera's and Compositing of Footage , The Event had some really big Sponsor names to go with it and it was really an awesome project to work on and gettin our stuff and LifeWay's name out there to the public

Some of the sponsors of the conference included :

World Vision
Shine Tv
Life Leadership College
KB Print
Black Box
AV events
Mitsubishi Motors
Auckland Luge
Lifeway 3D Animation College
Revolution Youth Conference

Our Team for the Project Consisted of : 

Moddeling : Rory Lassen
Moddeling : Albert Coxon
Moddeling : Jonothan Hamer
Moddeling : Paul Vloothuis

Compositing & Animating : Jonothan Mafi
Moddeling & Animating : Christopher McCartney

The Gnome's Workshop

The Angry Gnome's Workshop Plot
This was my idea for our Environment Design Project , I came up with the idea of a little bitter Gnome who lived in the village and couldn't stand all the people who lived there and just wanted to be alone so he built him self a small Zeppelin so he could construct his little Workshop high up on the cliff's overlooking the village below him , and with the sense of him now "Looking Down" on the people below him and being in a superior position as to them being at the bottom , Now he was able to create his inventions without being disturbed by the noise and sound of people , Whenever he needs supplies he just hops into his Zeppelin and fly's down to the village

The Angry Gnome's Workshop Renders